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My Story

I was born and raised in Italy and have always had two great passions since childhood: sports and wellness.

After working for 9 years as an ocean rescue lifeguard in Northern Italy, I also became a swim instructor and a fitness trainer specializing in weight training and calisthenics.

I hold a Bachelor Degree from University of Genoa, Italy in Sport and Health Exercise Science and specialization in Science and Technique of Preventive and Adapted Motor Activity.

Massage Therapist Giving Foot Massage
Massage Therapist Giving Deep Tissue Massage With Oil In Indoor Spa_edited.jpg

My Approach

I am a licensed massage therapist certified both by AIM (Italian Academy of Massage and Holistic Disciplines) based in Milan and Praxis Institute of Miami, where I completed Advanced certifications for MLD Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Deep Tissue techniques, and Neuromuscular therapy. 

My approach Is simple: I provide the highest standard of practice and infuse it with my 10+ years experience in the wellness and sports industry 

 The treatments I offer are always individualized and will include a variety of techniques while prioritizing your needs.

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